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Most Recent Papers

Э.Р. Зинатуллин, K.С. Тихонов, T.Ю. Голубева, Ю.M. Голубев. Влияние дифракции на импульс сжатого света в протоколе многомодовой резонансной квантовой памяти на тепловом атомном ансамбле. Оптика и Спектроскопия 128(9), 1346-1362 (2020).

A.S. Losev, T.Yu. Golubeva, A.D. Manukhova, Yu.M. Golubev.

Two-photon bunching inside a quantum memory cell.

arXiv:2005.06806 [quant-ph]

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Quantum Optics Laboratory of St. Petersburg State University (Russia) is working in the field of theoretical quantum optics and laser physics starting from the end of 90'th, in the actively developing field of quantum information, which mainly exploits the objects and experimental methods of quantum optics.


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March, 2020

Our colleagues from MSU are helping to set up our new experimental laboratory.