Ksenia Samburskay

Самбурская Ксения Сергеевна



Date and place of birth
15th of January 1984

Affiliation and official address
St. Petersburg State University, Physics Faculty, Quantum Optics Lab
3, Uljanovskaya ul., Petershof, St. Petersburg 198504 Russia

e-mail: myshka16 [at] inbox.ru

Main Publications



K. Tikhonov, K. Samburskaya , T. Golubeva, Yu. Golubev. Storage and retrieval of squeezing in multimode resonant quantum memories. Submitted to Phys. Rev. A, 2013, arXiv: 1311.5060. 



K. Samburskaya, T. Golubeva, Yu. Golubev and E. Giacobino. Quantum holography upon resonant adiabatic interaction of fields with an atomic medium in a Λ-configuration. Optics and Spectroscopy 110 (5), 775-787 (2011).

Original Russian Text © K. Samburskaya, T. Golubeva, Yu. Golubev, E. Giacobino, published in Optika i Spektroskopiya 110 (5), 827–839 (2011).



Yuri Golubev, Tania Golubeva and Ksenia Samburskaya. Multi-pixel Sources of Entangled Light in the Correlation Measurements Without Homodyne Detection, in book “Quantum cryptography and computing”. Edited by R. Horodecki et. al.IOS Press, pp. 179-194 (2010).

T. Golubeva, Yu. Golubev, K. Samburskaya, C. Fabre, N. Treps, M. Kolobov. Entanglement measurement of the quadrature components without homodyne detection in the bright, spatially multimode far field. Phys. Rev. A 81 (1), 013831 (2010), e-print arXiv:quant-ph/0907.1964.